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Welcome to Emmanuelle Connor Art! Life is full of exciting, beautiful, random, and mundane moments. My goal is to romanticize the everyday moments through uplifting artwork, creative digital content, and unique products that are sure to make you smile. Not only that, but I challenge you to do the same! Together lets strive to build a welcoming community for creators and people who simply want to recognize the beauty of life’s mundane moments.

Meet the Artist

Emmanuelle Connor

Emmanuelle Connor

Hi there!

My name is Emmanuelle Connor and I am a Canadian artist living in Eastern Ontario. I love spending time in nature and gaining inspiration from the great outdoors. Although I am still getting my feet wet as an artist, I know that my artwork will be a reflection of the beauty I see around me. If you want to learn more about me and my story, please visit my 'about page'! Thanks for stopping by! <3 

Drawings that might make you wonder what is going on in my head.

Drawing of Emmanuelle Connor drawing on the couch
Drawing of Emmanuelle Connor in a big itchy scarf
Drawing of Emmanuelle Connor taking off her makeup

A collection of paintings and drawings that I like to think look pretty cool.

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