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Who Am I? 

- A Canadian artist

- Your average art geek

- A daughter to my amazing parents, and an older sister to my siblings, Gracie and Isaiah.

- A child of God! (1 John 3:1)

- A nature lover (except for the spiders) 

Emmanuelle Connor Nature Headshot-1.jpg

My Inspiration 

- Nature and its crazy awesome beauty/complexity

- My family

- Memories from my childhood at my grandparents' farms and cottage.

- Birds and other random animals (;

- Other artists in my family like my mom, papa, and great grandmothers.

Random Facts...

- It is my personal goal to one day own a hedgehog and name him (or her) George

- I am slightly obsessed with instant photography

- I was born in Cobourg, Ontario

- I have been an exchange sister to 6 international students

- I love cheese... and coffee. 

- I was homeschooled until I was 13


The Full(ish) Story

Hello! My name is Emmanuelle Joy Connor. I'm so glad you stopped by to learn a bit more about me and my art!

Art has always been a huge part of my life. I come from an amazing family where the arts (music, dance, theatre, and other creative arts) have been genetically woven into our DNA... at least, sometimes it feels like that. I am very lucky to be able to look back into my family tree and see many artistic dreamers resting on the branches. Long story short, my family has been incredibly encouraging to me when it comes to my artistic passions and interests. 


When I was young, my mom homeschooled me and my two younger siblings. This was a wonderful thing for me because I was able to fly through my schoolwork (except for math) and use the rest of my day to paint, draw, explore on the farm or do other activities. My mom, who is incredibly artistic, was a huge contributor to my artistic life today as she would often set time aside to help me learn a new medium or teach me different techniques that she had learned years ago.

Young Emmanuelle painting

My first easel beside my favourite painting spot... the fire place.

This photo is of me when I was young with my first easel. That was the Christmas when I thought I had finally made it as an artist! But as you can see from the painting perched on it, I think I have improved a ton since then (at least I hope I have!).  

Fast forward a few years to when I was 13, my dad decided to take a job that would allow us to spend more time together as a family. So, we packed up from our home in Cobourg Ontario, and moved to Lanark County. I'll be honest, I did not take the move very well at first. Moving far away from my friends was really difficult for me. However, during this time, I started to pour my time more and more into my favourite pass time: drawing. I spent hours working on doodles in my sketchbooks.

A few months after the big move, my mom signed herself and I up for drop in art lessons with a very talented artist from our new church. This experience took me from a teenager who liked doing art, to a person who was driven to one day do art full time (it's still the goal, even though it will probably take a long time to get there).  Those classes were very humbling and valuable to me, and I'll always look back at them as a huge turning point for my artistic life!

Not long after we moved, my parents decided to enroll my siblings and I into a private Christian school called Calvary Christian Academy (CCA). At the time, I had no idea how pivotal the switch would be to my future. It didn't take long for all of my new classmates to label me as the "art girl". Any time a teacher so much as mentioned an artistic component to an assignment, all eyeballs were glued on me. And I'll admit, I didn't mind the attention. My Calvary Christian Academy/ High School years were very eventful, and I met so many great people through the CCA community (including my amazing boyfriend). However, there were some challenges too. COVID was definitely one of those challenges. I was in grade 10 at the time it started to affect my community and schools shut down. Although this was a very scary time for me, I decided to use my extra time at home to invest into my artistic skills once more. I would work on my online school for half of the day and spend the rest of my time experimenting with many artistic mediums. It was a HUGE time of growth for me which, I suppose, gives a bright silver lining to a very dark time. 


Emmanuelle next to art supplies

During this time, I was also able to take on some very large projects such as painting a large mural at my school and illustrating a book.  This picture was taken the day my supplies for the mural arrived. These projects were so amazing for me as. they pushed my limits and helped me grow. I'm so thankful for my employers who saw my potential and helped me develop my skills even more.


A couple years later, when grade 12 rolled around,  I decided that I wanted to attend a fine arts program at a university. So I stuck my head down and started building up my university art portfolio. This was no simple task, I might add, as I had very little formal training and NO IDEA of what it took to develop a good portfolio. Regardless of these challenges, hundreds of hours later, I finished my portfolio and submitted my university applications. 

The mural supplies (featuring my dog Remi).

Haha, funny thing... I didn't end up going to university for fine arts. It's a really long story, and maybe I'll write a blog post about it one day. I was accepted to 3 of the 4 programs I applied to. However, I didn't have a peace about any of them and things came up in my life that simply pushed me in a different direction. I guess that's what happens when you work to make your own plans succeed instead of giving them to God. Looking back, I'm actually so relieved that I didn't go to university (at least I haven't yet).


Instead of attending university in the fall, I took a gap year. It turns out, my principal offered me a job at my old high school for the year! This was an amazing experience that allowed me to work full time while figuring out my revised future plans. 

Emmanuelle's Graduation

My wonderful, amazing family at my grade 12 graduation.

I suppose that brings me to today! After working for a year, I now find myself at college. I am currently working through two programs (cause one work load simply isn't enough): Media Arts Fundamentals, and Professional Photography. In the future I hope to start doing photography professionally, and use both of these to help small businesses grow visually and on online platforms. Who knows what other rabbit holes I could jump into in the future? 


Thank you for checking out my website as I dive into this adventure! 

- Emmanuelle Connor

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